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Dragon Hunter

Early Concept & Overview

In this explorative personal project, I crafted a world inhabited by every size and and shape of dragon filling every niche of the ecosystem. The original pitch was for a detailed I-spy style game book, with the potential for app integration. The culmination of the original round of exploration was a large detailed painting with hundreds of dragons populating the environment. I’d love to revisit this project to refine and re-explore.

Beastiary H: Kluckons

These friendly domesticated dragons are often kept in large groups. They are foragers that are a benefit to any garden, and are well-known for the near daily delicious eggs they lay. Males may fight for dominance over a group of females, often staking out territory from high up.

Beastiary G: Bellowglides

These inquisitive dragons are quite common in the skies of the plainsland. Some attempts to domesticate them have been made.

Beastiary I: Common Vagouts

Gentle and tame, the Vagout is a cornerstone of any farm. Its wool is sheared in the spring, and Vagout milk is made into incredibly fine cheeses.

Beastiary E: Song Dragons

Found in many colors and patterns, these drakes sing to find their mates. They tend to gather in flocks for foraging.

Beastiary L: Pinewinders

These insectivores can be found attempting to blend in on and around pine trees, gliding to catch their prey. They croak in the evening for reasons not yet understood.

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