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Sharing Policy

All content of this site is copyright Christopher Cyr unless otherwise stated. Art may only be shared on social media only with proper permissions granted and attribution given. Art may not be used to promote any brand or content not officially affiliated with Christopher Cyr or Plaidcats. No art, or any portion of the art, may be used or reproduced for profit. No art may be used in whole or in part for tokenization or blockchain-based crypto-commerce. No art, or any portion of the art, may be scraped or downloaded for any use in any AI generative program or dataset.

Propper Credit

Any properly shared artwork must contain "by Christopher Cyr" as well as a direct and obvious link to the image source, qualifying sources being:, or one of my official social media pages.

Fakes and Stolen Credit

If you come across a suspicious posting online claiming to be me, someone claiming ownership of my art, or someone who has not credited me properly, please contact me with the details so I can resolve it. Thank you!


For any questions or inquiries regarding sharing:

Or, send me a private message on the platform of your choice: